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ProNova's team initially approached Pyxl with a 30-day challenge. Attending a major industry trade show in just 30 days, this aggressive new business was looking for a digital marketing firm to create a strong brand, as well as design and develop a website and marketing collateral that would create awareness, educate trade show attendees and allow for the collection of leads .This was essential to ProNova's ability to inform potential customers of its product and the advances the team was making in cancer treatment.

With a trade show deadline and the need to generate awareness about ProNova's product, Pyxl accepted the challenge and worked diligently to execute the project, measuring every initiative along the way to ensure the needs of ProNova's potential customers and its business objectives were met. From concepting and designing a motion graphics video utilizing the new brand messaging to developing a responsive website, our team collaborated with the ProNova team to create a digital brand representative of the high-tech company ProNova is. Building on that foundation, we also worked hard to create marketing collateral and post-show marketing outreach, in addition to an online advertising campaign to help ProNova continue to reach potential customers who may be interested in its revolutionary new product.

Today, Pyxl continues to support ProNova Solutions through interactive web applications and marketing materials used by the company to promote its product online and at industry events.

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