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Q-Leap Health is passionately focused on improving physician communication in new and innovative ways. Since its inception, Q-Leap's physician-led team has worked tirelessly to eliminate the barriers that exist between patients and the right care. In many instances the right treatment, for the right patient, at the right time is simply a matter of empowering physicians with the right tools and knowledge.

Pyxl worked with Q-Leap to develop a collaboration platform called TransilienceHD. In the same way social media platforms have eliminated time and distance from personal communication, TransilienceHD empowers thought leaders across medical disciplines to connect and share relevant treatment options. The team envisioned building a platform where case-based help, answers, research and shared collective intelligence could be accessed immediately.

To accomplish Q-Leap's goal of eliminating health disparities globally through communication, Pyxl's designers created a responsive web-based application that can dynamically scale so answers are readily available from the bedside to the boardroom.

In addition to ease of access across devices, TransilienceHD is unique in that it empowers its community with information and research around relevant clinical trials that would otherwise be unknown to some physicians and caregivers.

To complement the launch and introduction of the platform, Pyxl also created a motion graphic animation outlining the features and benefits of TransilenceHD. This video carefully explains the challenging medical boundaries that separate disparate groups from appropriate care, while inviting physicians, researchers, policy makers and advocacy groups to join the TransilienceHD community.

With access to the right information exactly when it's needed most, Q-Leap's TransilienceHD platform is changing medical collaboration forever.

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